Try something new.

I just received an email from Legendeer Zion and I was accepted to participate in a week long artist retreat! This is way out of my comfort zone and I couldn't be more stoked! I'll be mingling with like-minded people, trekking into the wild, and creating art! YAAAS! It's time to step up my game. 

"Courage is found in unlikely places."                                                                                                                                                                                         J.R.R. Tolkien

Let's do this.



"These Mountains I Call Home"

I've been at this piece for some time. It was a challenge. I dab paint here and there. Look at it off and on. Move it around the studio. Tuck it away in the corner. Stare at it. Put it away...The mountains on the canvas had this intimidation feeling. I guess that's what the mountains do. In a good way. It took over a year to finish it! *Whew* This was the longest piece of art I have ever worked on. Finished, February 2017. She is currently hanging at Dos Manos Gallery in Anchorage, AK. She is acrylic with mix media/collage. 

Title: These Mountains I call Home  48.5" x 77" (approx. 4ft x 6.5ft)

Title: These Mountains I call Home

48.5" x 77" (approx. 4ft x 6.5ft)

Lets begin...

Lets see. Where to start. I have been holding on to my website for a year now, scarred to show the public what I had to offer. I guess my inner critic just got to me. Now I am finally exposing myself to the internet. I really cannot pin point why I shooed my website underneath the rug. Maybe my excuse was kids. Maybe because not all my images are "professional" quality. Maybe because I didn't have enough to show...the list goes on. The internet is intimidating I tell ya. 

This is more for documentation. To reflect on and see where this takes me. 

A glass a wine (to motivate me), pondering about goals and about to press the publish button.

Here I go!

"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."                                                                                                  -Kurt Vonnegut